This wine of a strong yellow color with soft gold reflections is characterized by a distinctive autumn quince aroma and a hint of apple and pear. After some ten minutes in the glass, walnut, honey and roast apple flavors are clearly felt. The mouthfeel is dominated by a soft, rounded-off density and a rich, oily texture with fresh citrus elements on the sides of the palate, while the long and delicious finish features touches of apple, honey and walnut. This is one of Croatia’s most complex Graševina wines, reflecting the rich and specific nature of the Baranya terroir.

Gastronomic recommendation

Goldberg Graševina is a wine that suits foie gras, particularly terrine and torchon. Its oiliness, aromatic luxury, its honey, walnut and over-ripe fruit flavors are a perfect match for the taste of goose or duck liver, while the acidity will break through the foie gras fat. Another natural option is blue-veined cheese of the best sorts, such as original roquefort or stilton, or a not-too-sweet apple strudel or classic tarte Tatin.

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