Our New Star – Goldberg Graševina 2015 Vintage


After an excellent harvest and a carefully conducted aging process, Goldberg Graševina 2015 Vintage is ready to enter the market. This most award-winning variety of Croatian Graševina wine, which comes from the Goldberg slope, located at the top of the Banovo Brdo hill in Baranja, is renowned for its harmoniousness, elegance and complexity, imparted to it both by the usual and late harvest of the Graševina wine grape variety, but also by the terroir of the Croatian Danube region.

The Goldberg area or Zlatno Brdo (Golden Hill, in Croatian) is one of the sunniest areas in Baranja vineyards. It is a fully south-facing slope, where grapes are exclusively hand-picked in different stages of the ripening process.

Year after year, gold medals and quality recognition awards, won at the prestigious world wine competitions, have confirmed the quality and excellence of Goldberg Graševina wine, which is why Croatian wine critics call it the most award-winning Graševina wine and call Belje Wines one of the most important wineries of the Adria region.

Goldberg Graševina 2015 Vintage seduces with its fine smell and fullness of flavour. Its aromatic multi-layered quality is perceptible in its pronounced fragrant composition of a fruity character, with ripe fruits dominating. The wine is semi-dry, creamy, rich and complex, with a lingering, light bitter note of almond, which gives it the taste typical of the Graševina variety from Baranja.

Thanks to its strong flavour, the Goldberg Graševina wine is an ideal pair to rich and delicate dishes. Its complexity best comes to the fore in combination with foie gras and roast duck, but also in combination with sweet morsels of home-made creamy cakes.

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