New line of Vina Belje cuvées


“The excellent vintage of 2020 inspired us to step outside the box and launch a new wine story that began at a time when the world almost came to a halt. Indeed, it is in challenging and difficult times that great things come into existence, the things that become a trend, something to remember for a long time. One such thing is the line of Vina Belje cuvées, a set of three exceptional wines characterised by great complexity of flavour and exceptional freshness. We have named them Cuvée Blanc, Rosé and Cuvée Rouge,” explained oenologists Suzana Zovko and Marijan Knežević speaking about this new line of Vina Belje wines.

Just like the grape varieties intertwine in Belje’s vineyards covering the southern slopes of Banovo Brdo hill in Baranja, so do Muscat, Traminer, Pinot Blanc and Graševina mutually complement one another in the new Cuvée Blanc wine, characterised by an elegant muscat aroma and a balance of freshness and mild sweetness. This wine is the perfect choice for an aperitif, a glass of wine enjoyed on the terrace in the afternoon, or in the evening when entertaining friends or spending time with a loved one. It will be best when paired with light appetizers (risottos and pasta dishes), cheeses or fruit cakes with apples, pears or apricots.

The 2020 Rosé is based on Cabernet Sauvignon, a variety regarded as the king of red wines all around the world and one that reaches its full potential in blends, where it reveals itself in all its splendour. It is precisely the fruity notes of Cabernet Sauvignon that are especially prominent in the 2020 Rosé, with strawberry and raspberry being predominant, together with a delicious aroma of pomegranate and rose flower. The 2020 Rosé, served with a pizza or a burger, will add a touch of extravagance to these culinary favourites.

Many wine experts compare Baranja to Bordeaux, because they both yield exceptional and authentic red wines. Most of the prize-winning locally-produced red wines are manufactured precisely by Vina Belje, and the new Cuvée Rouge contains Frankovka and Merlot, the wines for which Baranja is well-known. This wine is a harmonious semi-dry blend, with soft tannins and an aroma of berries, making Cuvée Rouge an excellent choice for all kinds of occasions that you wish to truly enjoy.

Andrej Dean, Chairman of the Board of Belje plus, announced the launch of the new line of wines: “We have targeted this line at young consumers and all those who feel young. We are counting on their openness to new ideas and concepts, but also on their ability to recognise quality. This is why we have opted for transparent bottles and a playful design that marvellously presents the wine inside the bottle. This is the first new thing in the wine segment that we are presenting this year. To our great joy, there will be a few more novelties. The quality of our new line of wines has already been confirmed at major international wine competitions, specifically by a silver medal for Cuvée Blanc won at the Mundus Vini competition and a silver medal for the Rosé won at the International Rosé Championship.”

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